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Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program at NMS

The objectives of a visual arts program for NMS students focus on several key areas to promote creativity, technical skill development, and cultural appreciation. The first objective is to encourage creativity and self-expression. Visual arts provide our students with a space to explore their imagination and to express their thoughts and emotions through their art. This helps students develop their creativity and encourages self-expression, which is important for building self-confidence and self-esteem.

The second objective of the NMS visual arts program is to develop technical skills. Visual arts classes help students develop technical skills in areas such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking. This will support students to create more complex and sophisticated artworks and to develop their technical abilities in a fun and engaging way.

The visual arts program fosters critical thinking and cultural appreciation. Visual arts encourage students to think creatively and to solve problems, while also introducing them to different art styles, cultures, and traditions from around the world. This can help students appreciate the role that art plays in different societies, and improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The ultimate aim of the NMS Visual Arts Program is to provide students with opportunities to develop their creativity, technical skills, and cultural appreciation. The program provides a supportive and engaging environment for our students to explore their imagination, develop their skills, and appreciate the role that art plays in different societies.