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New Millennium school years from Grade one to high school involve tremendous growth and change. There is curiosity, boundless energy, and increased sophistication inside and outside the classroom. Each day, NMS students take on more responsibility and independence; we understand them, support them, and help them grow as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

New Millennium helps students take safe risks, pursue talents, and discover new passions. Our vigorous academics focus on skill development, hands-on learning, and interdisciplinary projects. Connections between students and adults, so important in adolescent years, are lively, and on the fields and stages. Students feel comfortable turning to their teachers, advisors or coaches for support and guidance.

As a School, we are committed to continuous curriculum renewal, program improvement so that our work meets the needs of and excites our studentsof the continually changing world.

Basic Framework of Curricula

New Millennium School follows Standards Based Curriculum. All the approved and listed standards are crafted by the Department of Instruction and Educational Supervision with the education professionals in development and sequencing the whole academic program.

School completely follows the Nepal Government, Curriculum Development Center guidelines in the instructional planning along with highly relevant, useful and updated additional curricular standards. They complement the whole academic program for balanced and broader education.

Students follow GCSE curricular guidelines from Grade VIII through X along with CDC standards. Such blend of learning fully prepares them for Nepal context and students also become globally competent.