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Through dance, students challenge their imaginations, develop kinesthetic skills, and embrace many opportunities to share their artistry with the New Millennium School community.

Each year, an ensemble of our students presents an evening of dance to a full house for three straight nights in the popular Music and Dance Festival.

The 2019 production included the work of more than 200 students from Class I through Class X. The festival is made up of dances choreographed by students, faculty, and professional instructors. Dancers and choreographers participate in New Millennium’s musicals, produced jointly by the performing arts and music departments. An informal Autumn Dance Festival, an annual Arts Night, school assemblies, and various special event performances also provide many opportunities for dancers and choreographers to exhibit their work.

The varieties of dance include both Nepali and Western style performance. Nepali Folk Dances and ethnic dances like Deuda,Jhaure, Dhimal, Stick Dance etc. were performed in the last festival. Besides students had a show of modern, Indian classical Bharat Natyam and free style dances. Salsa has been popular among both parents and students on the stage.