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NMS Learner Mindsets


Appreciating the wonder and beauty of the world and its people, feeling of being grateful, understanding value of things


Being ready to have own actions, judgments and failures to act to be questioned by responsible other, responding responsibly when errors in behavior may have occurred.


Being tolerant of opinions and behavior that are unconventional or that differ from one’s own, willing to experience new and exotic thing without judging them beforehand.


Working together to achieve results, helping each other in a positive manner to achieve a common goal


Believing the effectiveness of own abilities, being certain that something will happen in right, proper and effective way, feeling of being sure to succeed at something aimed


Being ethical, modest or socially acceptable in thoughts, language, actions and outfits, expressing personal and social gentleness required for a good standard of living


Feeling excited to do, to learn and to experience things around the world, being enthusiastic to progress and make difference in life


Understanding and sharing another person’s experience and emotions and thoughts, projecting own personality into the personality of another in order to understand the person better, considering others


Being self-sufficient to do or achieve something, keeping free from the influence, control, determination or voice of others


Asking questions with a desire to know or learn more, investigating or exploring to discover and experience, being curious to extend knowledge further


Showing honor, acceptance and esteem to people for who they are, admiring someone or something that is good and valuable


Being ethically right and justifiable, feeling of freedom from guilt, standing up for the truth