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About Us

Welcome to New Millennium School

New Millennium School is, in many ways, similar to a family with each member of the staff, parents and student body taking an active and important role in their areas of responsibility. At New Millennium, students, teachers and administration work together to achieve the common goal of Students’ Outstanding Learning Performance (SOLP) through the philosophy of progressive education.

The goal of this information sheet is to clearly communicate what lies at the heart of the New Millennium School education. For each of those concerned in high quality education, students and their families, it clarifies the ideals that underpin all of New Millennium School programs and SOLP.

In 2015, the New Millennium School fully reformed to provide a challenging and comprehensive education that would enable students to understand and manage the complexities of our world and provide them with skills and attitudes for taking responsible action for the future.

New Millennium School blends the NMS learner profile across the complete SOLP program for the students aged between 6 to 15 years. This provides the most important common ground for the challenging and outstanding education program enriching students with high standard education and equipping them to meet the demands of the new millennium. The NMS programs are informed by research and many of our own practical experiences and are tailored to suit students of the present days.