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Students’ Motto “Performing is our Key”

Each year, an ensemble of our students presents an evening of dance to a full house for three straight nights in the popular Music and Dance Festival.

Students are atNMS with a broad range of musical experience, interest and talent. Regardless of level or prior exposure, our students learn to love and appreciate music—and to become skilled in the art—through performance. Whether in orchestra or Nepali Folk and Indian classical, NMS faculty understands that music is meant to be heard. That means that students develop the skills of making music through learning a wide variety of pieces and sharing them with an audience.

Exposure to many different composers and artistsand practicing those pieces not only strengthens technical skills like chord progressions, but it helps students build a greater appreciation for the music, deeper interest, and remarkable skill over time.

Music lessons are delivered for Orchestra, Violine, Guitar, different types of percussions, keyboard synthesizers, Pianica and as needed for any specific music. A group of music teachers coordinate and collaborate to put the tunes together.

Music Clubs: Students in the upper middle school and high school have a choice of forming a band on their own at the school. Millennium Band has been one of the group of students who have mastered skills in Guitar, Percussions, Strings and Flutes. The band members compose, create and perform varieties of music, singing and musical shows on stage during Farewell, charity programs and community celebrations.

Music facilities: School building has a 2500 square feet multipurpose orchestra hall which can be divided into rooms to facilitate practice. More than 50 students at a time can rehearse music or play together. The music rooms are equipped with varieties of musical instruments and students specializing any musical instrument may bring their own for performance as well.