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Performing Art and Theatre

The theater program encourages students to develop respect and love for theatrical technique, while empowering them to discover their unique artistic voice and process.

Performing arts classes at New Millennium are grounded in collaboration. Students and faculty learn together—by coming up with an idea, testing it, getting feedback, adapting, and trying again. This iterative “learning by doing” means that risk-taking is part of the plan. The ultimate goal is to share the art—acting, drama, dance, speech, design for the theatre—and to perfect the performance, students learn to trust one another.

Faculty, skilled professionals in their field, model the work they want their students to take on, tapping into creativity and imagination, willing to fail and accept honest feedback. They create safe and exciting places—on stages and in studios—for students to take their love of performance to the highest level, or to try something new for the very first time.

NMS offers a wide variety of classes, which cover every aspect of performance – including costume, set, sound and lighting design and production. Annually, the theater program has one to three Main Stage productions for the school festivals celebrated with the school community.The last performance was Muna Madan. Besides students practice and perform plays from several writers. Drama is collaborated with the department of language arts and students have opportunities to appreciate literature, enjoy performing the plays and develop acting and presentation skills.

Rehearsals are followed by research, exploring the text for drama, creating the characters and addressing the performance style of the piece. Students are challenged, valued and supported by dedicated faculty who share their passion for theater and the arts.

Performing Arts Facilities

The Performing Arts Department is housed in the main school building. The facilities contain a multi- purpose large dance studio, spacious rooms for speaking, and a Black Box studio theatre, fully-equipped scene construction and costume shops. The black box has a capacity of 150 seats with a wide stage equipped with light bars and sound systems.

NMS has also has an open theatre, Dabali with stairways that can seat 250 individuals. The Dabali square is surrounded by the garden and trees with lighting facilities and is a great place for open air performance.