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NMS Learner Attributes

The goal of NMS Learner Profile is to develop students who will reach to excellence and unfold a total educated personality.

Academically excellent

Students work at maximum level towards a set of standards as defined by the school. Their learning and performing remains at a challenge level with each of their academic skills and developed intellectual abilities. They learn from all of the knowledge areas meaningfully.

Lifelong learner

Students become lifelong learner that they are self motivated in persuit of knowledge for both personal enrichment and competency. They equally value different knowledge areas and appreciate them. They understand that learning is a never ending process and value this as important as knowledge.

Independent thinker

They make sense of the world based on their own observation and experiences rather than just depending on the word of others. They trust their own ability and broader enquiry to make judgements even if it may contradict. They are willing to grow from experience and reflection.

Imaginative and creative

Students appply the power of imagination for creativity. They use the abilities to think in a newer way and sharpen this human ability.

Socially responsible

Students understand that they are obliged to act to benefit society at large as this is a duty every individual has to perform. They critically appreciate their own culture and value the tradition of others. They care environment and nature, and stand as a contributing social member.


Students become integrated idividual and maintain consistancy of honesty, actions, values and practices.They take responsibility for their choice and actions and their outcomes. They are balanced individuals with right moral standards.

Global citizen

They are world citizen as they understand that they are the part off world community and its values and practices. They believe in humanity and accept that in all people.

Positive self-imaged

Students percieve themselves as intelligent, confident, kind and courageous individuals. They fully accept themselves and grow with positive attitude.