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The NMS Leaders

At the center of New Millennium School education are our students with their own learning styles, strengths and challenges. We understand that they come to school with combinations of unique and shared patterns of values, knowledge and experiences of their own world and place in it.

Promoting open communications based on the understanding and respect, NMS encourages students to become active, independent and lifelong learners. The nature of education at our school is holistic and progressive – it is concerned with the whole person. Along with cognitive development, Students’ Outstanding Learning Performance (SOLP) programs address students’ social, emotional and physical wellbeing. SOLP values and offers opportunities for students to become responsible social members and it equally focuses attention on the academic excellence through rigor.

So, NMS learners strive to become academically excellent, lifelong learners, independent thinkers, integrated individuals, socially responsible members, positive self-imaged persons, imaginative and creative ones. These qualities represent a broad spectrum of huma capacities and responsibilities that simply go beyond mere intellectual development and academic success.

As the NMS vision and mission in action, the learner profile concisely describes the aspirations of excellence we seek at our school. The profile calls for global citizenship and allows our students to cross the boundaries of nation and think from the global perspective as they grow.