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What does the New Millennium education entail?

Feb 17th, 2023

New Millennium is a school with progressive ideals that aims to develop students' creative, imaginative, independent, responsible, and problem-solving capacities. The school's program is designed to respect students as capable individuals with valuable ideas about their world. The New Millennium approach takes into account each child's unique curiosities, abilities, and learning style in designing, differentiating, and assessing their learning.
The school encourages students to pursue their interests, approach problems in a way that makes sense to them, and articulate their thinking in multiple ways. This is achieved through engaging students in hands-on investigations, projects, and thinking activities across various subjects and grade levels, fostering deeper interest, understanding, and knowledge applicability. At the school, students not only acquire knowledge but also learn how to think, utilizing experiential learning as their pedagogy, and growing as a whole human beings.
The school's classrooms provide a collaborative environment that emphasizes teamwork, critical thinking, and independent work.
The NMS ethos is shaped by the learner attributes and mindsets of the students, which permeate the entire school culture. These impressions shape the students and provide them with values beyond academic excellence, preparing them for life beyond the classroom.

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