NMS has a team of specialized physical education and sports teachers. …….


At New Millennium School swimming is a part of curriculum.

  • It is a skill taught for safety as the skill allows students to be safe in water
  • Keeps body healthier as it is a low impact cardio-vascular exercise
  • Helps physical development of the growing students
  • Spending time in water is a lot of fun and students love it and is a social activity
  • Swimming is an important sporting event at New Millennium. Every year students have competition on free style, breast stroke and so many other categories

School has an outdoor 50 ft x 25 ft Lap Swimming Pool starting at 3 ft in depth along with a 15 ft x 17ft baby pool with 2 ft depth. School has certified life-guard and all the safety measures.

All the sports activities are integrated into the school curriculum. A balanced physical exercise and fun together is proven for all-round development of children.

School has a multipurpose indoor standard size futsal, which serves a mini futsal for smaller kids and is also used as badminton courts and an indoor space for several fun activities.


An outdoor full-sized Basketball court along with sitting stairs is available for the use of all. Basketball competition has been one of the best sporting events at NMS, and we have visiting students from other schools for friendly matches.

Play-station Area

A space is available for primary level kids for leisure. This area is equipped with a play-station, swings and safe area to move and run around.