Learning to Learn

Students at NMS are shown the ways to learn, as the school values that learning is a lifelong process. Honing the learning skills, developing keenness in the given content areas and making the use of knowledge are focused as ‘Learning to Learn’ remains on the top of our SOLP programs. Our well-designed sequences arouse curiosity and stimulation and fully cultivate learning attitudes and habits.

The ethos of NMS classrooms is to encourage students to stretch the boundaries of their individual abilities through discussions, inquiry, reflection and use of educational resources to inspire independent thinking.

As NMS adheres to the meaningful learning processes, our well-trained teachers do not just want their students to give back the facts and formulae they teach, they expect their students to understand concepts and bind knowledge together. Students are taught the ways to establish cross connection of knowledge areas and come up with their originality and unfold a full and total educated personality.


Making the Most of Talent

NMS recognizes every individual’s uniqueness towards learning process and the need to each individual to be identified and fostered. School encourages creative and critical learning and making maximum use of potential. The school has created such a learning climate in which students easily sharpen their skills and abilities. This, in turn, empowers the students to have an access to their innermost capabilities leading to outstanding learning.

Each of our students get opportunities to learn and experiment according to their interests and styles with professional guidance from qualified and experienced teachers. Well-organized and up-to-date learning-teaching procedures with appropriate pedagogies open students’ horizons broader and they are become enabled to reflect upon what they have learnt.



This forms the centerpiece of the New Millennium School’s academic program. It features structured inquiry both into established bodies of knowledge and into complex problems. In this approach, prior knowledge and experience establish the basis for new learning, and students’ own curiosity provides the most effective motivation for learning that is engaging, relevant, challenging and significant. The program directs students to meaningful scaffolding through the constructivist approach.



As NMS education fosters ability to think, it offers students opportunities for considering the nature of human thought and for developing the skills and commitments necessary not only to remember, but also to analyze one’s own thinking and outcome.