Visual Arts

NMS believes that art helps students develop their self-knowledge and social skills and ability to appreciate. Art provides a forum for expression, communication, imagination, creativity and cultural and historical understanding. The goals of NMS Art Program are to expose students to the development of art and ideas about art through time; to teach students how to use and care for various art materials and supplies; and to allow and encourage students to connect with their creative instincts.

The NMS Art Program expects-

  • to give students a written and visual vocabulary with which they can communicate about art
  • to help students connect the world of art to the ideas and themes in other parts of the curriculum
  • to provide time and space for students to develop their skills and techniques
  • to provide time for, and to encourage, students’ participation in community art activities. create their own unique designs.

Student Art Portfolio

All students work on building a portfolio from their first day in class, both as a record of their own development as artists, as well as for those who aspire to go to art school.

Art Instruction

Students who are new to art, or who do not yet see themselves as capable artists, take Foundations in Art. In this course, we expose students to the fundamentals of the creative process, the names of different techniques and media, and the role that art has played in history and culture.

Students who are more experienced and interested in art take Portfolio Development, a mixed curriculum with language arts, social studies and other different subject areas, that aims to help students develop their skills and habits for being life-long artists. Sometimes, this means preparing their portfolio to submit to art schools and guiding them toward studying art after high school; sometimes it simply means helping them nurture what will be a life-long hobby. Portfolio Development covers instruction in traditional drawing, collage, painting, watercolor, printing techniques, and an introduction to nontraditional mixed-media and up-cycled art.