Student counseling

NMS counselors are advisors, life coach and mentors. They guide students through the exercises in self-reflection and self-expression. When counselors meet individually with students, they aim to figure out strengths and step by step focus of them and overcome any difficulties students they have and always help students to build positive self image.

School has a dedicated counseling room, facilities and experts. Both students and parents are always free to set an appointment for counselling on issues from emotional and academic growth.

  • Students receive proper guidance on dealing with psychological problems through a series of sessions which enables them to develop problem solving skills.
  • Students can confidently speak about social problems they encounter in their daily lives either at the school or at home. All information are kept confidential and dealt accordingly
  • Counselors help solve problems related to peer dynamics by giving them advice.
  • Students can seek support from the counsellors in matter like achieving academic goals, social and emotional development.
  • Counseling department helps bridging the gap between students and school administration, teachers, talk if any uncomfortable situation remains between them in a non-threatening situation. Students build better relationship together.
  • Students can openly talk in the sessions about personal feeling if they have in any kind of abuse or personal difficulties they are having and create healthy climate in the school